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The Beauty of Flowers

There are so many dark and depressing things out there for us to read, here is a shot at seeing the most beautiful for today!

There is a brightness, yellow, gold, fuchsia and green, it colors the edges of my vision and brings the blue of the sky into sharp contrast.

Hot, damp air blankets me as I close my eyes against the swarm of colors. Buzzing tickles my ears and little wings breeze over me, bees hungrily looking for a sip of nectar pooled in the heart of the blossom next to my cheek.

Rich air, heavy in my chest makes me gasp for breath. I close my eyes, imprints of flowers on my eyelids. There is a stillness that settles in my heart, a beauty that touches my soul.

A far away giggle brings me back to myself and though I would like to lie here in my hidden flowerbed a bit more I know this moment of joy will feed me until the next arrives.

#flowers #sunshine #garden

Random Bits


Once long ago the farm hosted peacocks. 



Random facts are hard at 6am.



Jamie will get a prize for the first person who spots this fact and emails to with the password - SPRING.

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