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All things new and growing...

Welcome to the new version of the Battle Rock Farm website!

Like all things at Battle Rock Farm our look and style grow and change a bit over time, we are looking to "grow" interest in all things Farm!

We should be able to help connect foodies and farmers and floral enthusiasts alike with our new blog (look for all the different voices from the Farm). As well as keep friends old and new up to date on all the amazing things happening in our little slice of the world.

Take a few minutes and look around at all the gorgeous photos of the Farm, Lindsay's amazing floral work, and read up on all the latest things happening at Battle Rock Farm. Check back regularly (about every 2 weeks) for new blogs, updated events and follow us on social media. (Instagram and Facebook) for on the spot info.

This year looks like another great time to get involved with all things Battle Rock Farm. Sign up for updates via email and if all that doesn't let you get as involved as you like then as always Battle Rock Farm is accepting applications for interns. Come get your hands dirty and enjoy the bounty of all our hard work!

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Random Bits


Once long ago the farm hosted peacocks. 



Random facts are hard at 6am.



Jamie will get a prize for the first person who spots this fact and emails to with the password - SPRING.

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