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What's in a name?

As any BRF fan will have now noticed, we have a new site and along with it a new website name. While I have been busy with less awesome things I managed to let the OG name slip through the cracks. I seem to be snagged by a weird foreign site that for a bit sold shirts.... Since we are FINALLY back up and running please take a moment to go bookmark the NEW AND IMPROVED site at when you can. We also have changed up to a blog style to let you get a bit more in depth look into the inner workings of the farm. Please let us know what you think and if you have any ideas to make the website even cooler!

Ultimate Beespoke.

And don't forget INTERN APPLICATIONS are being accepted now!

Random Bits


Once long ago the farm hosted peacocks. 



Random facts are hard at 6am.



Jamie will get a prize for the first person who spots this fact and emails to with the password - SPRING.

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